Translation in National Canons of American Literatures and Cultures

Call for Contributions for Review of International American Studies
Refereed Journal of the International American Studies Association
Vol. 5 No. 2 / Fall 2011

● Translation and the making of a national canon ● Incorporation and canonization of translated literary and cultural texts ● Centrality and marginality of translated texts in the cultures of Americas ● Transformations of poetics and genre in national canons as related to the canonization of translated texts ● Prominent examples of canonized translations and their cultural productivity ● National readings of translated texts ● Cultural significance of translated texts in relation to revisions of national canons ● Inscription of national cultural paradigms into translated texts on the basis of case studies ● Translators' ideologies, norms and strategies in the light of acts of conceptual localization of translated texts in target culture ● Translation theory vs literary and cultural theory ● Productivity of critical and theoretical discourses in the study of the fates of translated texts in target cultures.

Please, send RIAS stylesheet compliant contributions of 20-25 pages (including abstracts and short biographical notes) to Pawel Jedrzejko, RIAS . Associate Editor, at by June 1, 2011

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