“Dimensions of the Text: Matter and Meaning in the Luso-Hispanic World”, Department of Spanish & Portuguese at the University of California, Berkeley

April 13th~14th, 2012

The Graduate Students from the Department of Spanish & Portuguese at the University of California, Berkeley, are pleased to invite graduate students to participate in our Colloquium: “Dimensions of the Text: Matter and Meaning in the Luso-Hispanic World”

The Colloquium “Dimensions of the Text” will center on exploring the multifaceted dimensions of the text. The topic invites participants to consider the intersections of materiality and discursive meaning in texts emanating from the Luso-Hispanic world through a focus on the role of materiality and the processes through which meaning emerges, both from within the text—in terms of norms and constraints of genre, form, content—and from external elements, in terms of contact with other texts, authors, readers, languages, and codes, as well as its reach across discursive, linguistic, geopolitical, and technological boundaries. We especially encourage contributions with a focus on poetics and translation studies.

General thematic categories are literature and new media, matter and materiality, forms of contact, translation, meaning and signification, (re)appropriation of the text, and publication of texts across linguistic, national, and historical divides. Possible topics include, but are not limited to reimagining literary forms visual poetry text and image literature and the senses; synesthesia material aspects of literature the history of the book new media, intermediation, and digital literature translation studies influence and hybridity blurring borders between genres bilingualism processes of signification social/political/historic dimensions of the text reading the gendered body

Keynote speakers: Suzanne Jill Levine (U.C. Santa Barbara) María Negroni (Sarah Lawrence College) We welcome papers in English, Spanish, or Portuguese, and we encourage presentations that engage a comparative, transnational, and/or interdisciplinary approach.

Please submit abstracts (maximum of 250 words) to spp_conf@berkeley.edu by December 15, 2011

More information on the colloquium can be found on our [website]