19th Annual Charles F. Fraker Conference «Thinking With Things: Toward A Matter-Oriented Cultural Analysis» | «Pensando con cosas: Hacia una cuestión orientada de análisis cultural» at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, EE.UU.

Fecha del evento: 14 al 16 de noviembre de 2013 

Keynote address: Professor Bill Brown [English and Visual Arts, University of Chicago) Professor Webb Keane (Anthropology, University of Michigan].

In recent years, objects and materiality have received increasing critical attention across a variety of disciplines. One result has been an erosion of the boundaries between humans and things, rendering these categories unstable in a critically productive way. In this conference, we seek to engage with objects as matter and to ask how the material properties of things shape and transform human communities, practices, emotions and world views. To address these and other related questions, we invite papers that focus on objects and materiality with the following possible focuses: • Objects in text and texts as objects • Collections, museums and curatorial practices • Objects in science • Things, machines and technology • Waste, trash and recycling • Consumerism and globalism • Objects of pleasure: erotica, sexuality and aesthetics • Objects and religious practices • Objects in (Post)Colonial settings.