Call for papers FLACSO ● Media, Power and Citizenship in South America / Medios, Poder y Ciudadania en America del Sur en Quito, Ecuador

Abstracts of up to 250 words should be sent by February 29th, 2012

Over the past decade, the rise of populist democracies in South America has taken place against a backdrop of growing corporate media opposition. The legitimacy of the governments of Bolivia, Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador, and to a certain extent, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay has been questioned most harshly, not by elected oppositional political parties, but by media conglomerates acting as de facto powers. Ascribing to the same economic interests as many of the most powerful economic sectors, media corporations are assuming an unprecedented role of political opposition, influencing public opinion and setting their own agenda. There is a growing debate regarding the concentration and power of media in democracy.

The aim of the conference is to bring academics, media practitioners and government together to debate new responses to neoliberal media in the context of post-neoliberal South America.  Confirmed speakers include:  Professor Ernesto Laclau, Professor Robert McChesney, Dr. Roberto Follari, Dr. Paula Biglieri, Damian Loreti, Dr. Mauro Cerbino and Dr. Susana Sel.

Papers and panels are invited to contribute to this debate in the following areas ● The implications of media concentration in the region ● State and societal responses ● Freedom of expression and right to information ● The roles of community media and citizen journalism ● Media legislation ● Changes and new possibilities for cultural production.

May/Mayo 17~18, 2012

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