Invitación para escuchar Radio Ambulante, un proyecto radial entre Latinoamérica y Estados Unidos

Dear Colleague,

My name is Camila Segura, I have a PhD in Spanish from Columbia University, and I want to introduce you to Radio Ambulante, a new monthly Spanish-language radio program showcasing compelling human stories from around Latin America and the United States. 
Led by novelist Daniel Alarcón, this project now has several producers collaborating in more than a dozen cities all over Latin America and the US. We are working with a host of talented journalists, crafting radio stories that will surprise, educate, and entertain. Our first podcast will be available for streaming and downloading April 15th via our website. We’ve already produced three episodes –Moving, Names, and Games- featuring incredible stories from many different cities around Latin America and the US. 
Our goal is to create a community of storytellers and listeners from around Latin America and the U.S., using all available technology to create and share our work.
Please share this info with your friends; we need to spread the word!

Thanks so much,

Camila Segura, Special Projects Coordinator, Radio Ambulante

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