“The Tell Tale Heart” / “El corazón delator” de Edgar Allan Poe • Cortometraje de animación basado en “El corazón delator” de Edgar Allan Poe (1843) ◌ Dirigido por Ted Parmelee y narrado por James Mason (1954) ◌ UPA [7:44 min]

Film directed by Ted Parmelee and narrated by James Mason. The screenplay by Bill Scott and Fred Grable is based on the 1843 short story of the same title by Edgar Allan Poe. The plot focuses on a murderer whose increasing guilt leads him to believe he can hear his victim's heart still beating beneath the floorboards where he buried him. Seen through the eyes of the nameless narrator, the surrealistic images in the film help convey his descent into madness.

[el corazón delator◌ [efemérides◌ ed.19 [videoteca]

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