CFP: Congreso Internacional Cine Lit VIII: Hispanic Cinema and Literature | Portland State University, University of Oregon, & Oregon State University, E.U.

Plazo para envío de ponencias: 15 de octubre de 2014

Cine-Lit VIII will be organized around several themes: women cineastes, cinematographic adaptations, cinema and ideology, marginalized voices in Hispanic cinema, new films and directors, Hispanic cinema in the U.S., and Hispanic cinema in the classroom. You are invited to submit an abstract of a paper, limited to three hundred words, on any aspect of the relationship between Hispanic literature and film, or Hispanic Film studies. Along with your abstract please provide the following, title of paper, your name, academic affiliation, mailing address, and telephone number. Please send your abstracts and inquiries to: |
A committee will consider requests for the formation of special sessions dealing with a specific author/work, cineaste/film, or other topics examining the relationship between the visual and written image. They should be submitted as soon as possible. A selection of papers will be published in Cine-Lit VIII: Essays on Hispanic Film and Fiction.