CFP: 42 Congreso Internacional de Lingüística Sistémico Funcional: “Challenging Boundaries” | RWTH Aachen University, Alemania

Plazo para envío de ponencias: 30 de noviembre de 2014

The framework of Systemic Functional Linguistics has been applied in many different fields and research contexts, establishing it firmly as a prominent approach amongst functional theories. The theme “Challenging Boundaries” invites speakers to present new ideas as well as interdisciplinary work with SFL, but also to reflect on familiar applications and discuss future developments in established contexts. Questions to be raised may include addressing the boundaries between languages in cross-linguistic studies but also in variational linguistics (non-standard variety or different language?), between literary and non-literary language, between language and other semiotic systems in multimodal studies, between register and genre, register and context, between social-semiotic and cognitive perspectives, between qualitative and quantitative approaches, between example-based and probabilistic approaches and boundaries across strata. Finally, we also welcome contributions which discuss boundaries to neighbouring frameworks such as Functional Discourse Grammar, Constructionist approaches, Critical Discourse Analysis etc. exploring interconnections with SFL. 

Plenary Speakers: Monika Bednarek, University of Sydney; Heidi Byrnes, Georgetown University, Washington; Lise Fontaine, Cardiff University; Christian Matthiessen, Polytechnic University, Hong Kong; Maite Taboada, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver.   

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Fechas del evento: 27 al 31 de julio de 2015