CFP: Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Conference “Intersections: Exploring the Connections between Technology and Literatures, Cultures and Languages” | Stanford University, California, E.U.

Fecha límite para envío de resúmenes: 1 de agosto de 2015

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Joan Manuel Tresserras holds a PhD in Information Sciences and he has served as the Catalan Minister of Culture and Media.

From the invention of the printing press to today’s numerous apps and devices –many of them developed in Silicon Valley– there have always been important intersections between technology and literatures, cultures and languages. This interdisciplinary graduate student conference explores the intricacies of these points of contact and how they affect us as researchers from a variety of disciplines, as writers, and as educators.  We invite paper proposals from all fields of study that grapple with such questions as: What is the effect of technology media on the way we interact with literatures, cultures and languages? How has this effect changed over time and what implications does this have for the past, present and future? How is technology represented in literature and other art? What are the ways that technology can enhance, facilitate or potentially hinder the ways in which we interact with literatures, cultures and languages?  

Please send a 100-250 word abstract in any of the languages represented in the Stanford Division of Literatures, Cultures and Languages [] and a brief 100 word biography to 

Fecha del evento: 6 al 7 de noviembre de 2015