CALICO: 13th Annual “Access to Language Education” Award 2016 | The Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium, & The Esperantic Studies Foundation

Image: Igor CoricTED-Ed

Deadline for nominations: March 14, 2016

CALICO,, and the Esperantic Studies Foundation present this award to a website offering exceptional language-learning resources. The winning website is recognized at CALICO's annual conference banquet, and its developers are presented with an Award Certificate and a prize. Noncommercial [cost-free] websites, created and/or maintained by CALICO members, are eligible for this award. The following is the criteria and directions for nominating a website:

1. Ease of access and range of accessibility: Web-based learning resources accessible by individual language learners from varying cultural, linguistic and geographic backgrounds.  
2. Versatility of the resources: For learners of various ages (adolescent, university student, and/or adult self-learner) and educational goals [conversation, business, literature, preparation for language competence certification, etc.]. Resources addressing varied learning styles and offering diverse types of learning activities and tasks.  
3. Breadth of the resources:  Materials to help students to progress from the beginning level of language learning to moderate levels of language proficiency.  Sites which aggregate and annotate language learning resources available on other sites.  Materials for learning more than one language will be considered a plus. It is NOT necessary to meet all of these criteria. If you have created an outstanding language web site, please consider nominating it. CALICO members may submit nominations for their own web sites, or those of other CALICO members [with their consent].  

Please send nomination information directly to Derek Roff: