Nietzsche & Critical Social Theory “Affirmation, Animosity, Ambiguity” | Critical Sociology Journal & SDSU Cultural Studies Collective, San Diego State University, EE.UU.

Deadline for submitting papers for presentation: October 15, 2016

As the title of the conference indicates, we are soliciting contributions that range from those that focus on the problems with, and limitations of Nietzsche’s thought, to those that develop new ways to demonstrate the value of Nietzsche for the critical analysis of a variety of contemporary social problems and social movements.  We also seek contributions that explore the often ambiguous place of Nietzsche’s thought as it relates to critical social theory and practice.  Some of the important topical areas we seek to address include, but are not limited to:

The Absent Presence of Nietzsche in Sociology Beyond Capitalism and Socialism – Understanding Revolutionary Struggle in Marx & Nietzsche ● Twilight of Work - Nietzsche’s Critique of the Labor Movement ● Timely Meditations – Nietzsche and Feminist Theory ● Nietzsche, Critical Race and Postcolonial Theory ● Beyond Truth and Relativism – Epistemology after Nietzsche ● Nietzsche and the Question of Science and Technology ● Negation and Affirmation – The Frankfurt School and Nietzsche ● Advantages and Disadvantages of Genealogical Analysis ● Morality and its Discontents - Nietzsche and Psychoanalysis ● Nietzsche in Light of Right and Left-Libertarian Politics ● Nietzsche, Foucault and Neoliberalism ● The Fascism Question and Nietzsche ● Intellectual Indigestion – The Significance of the Body for Nietzschean Critique ● Queering Nietzsche – Nietzsche’s Relation to the LGBTQ Movement ● All-Too-Human: Nietzsche and the Animal ● Question Crisis of the Natural Environment – The Place of Nietzschean Critique ● Music and the Spirit of Social Movements – A Nietzschean Perspective.

January 28-29, 2017